contamination/ fresh quality products/ Veneto tradition/ innovative techniques in the kitchen/ ethnic/ ecofriendly/ gourmet / traditional
taglieri / fritti /la pesca / la carne / green / amidi/luxury
wine / territory northern / new world / cocktail / gin / vodka / aperitivo / whisky /digestives / after-dinner / italian craft beers

... I imagined that at dusk, nomad travelers from different places would gather around a fire to share experiences, as I wish it were for you, to discover new flavors, with the cuisine of Nomada Bistrot.

So many dishes to put together at the table: taste, share, taste, travel.

Thomas Mattiello


Born in 83. Thomas begins working life at an early age in restaurants in Treviso and Venice,he continues to work outside the Veneto Region, to study under Gualtiero Marchesi where he gained his knowledge of classical Italian cuisine. 

He evolves working in places like Milan alongside Elio Sironi at the Bulgari Hotel and continuos working for the same chain in Spain with Michelin star chef Sergi Arola. The mediterranean cuisine becomes contaminated with spices after several trips and opportunities as personal chef in Riad in the Medina of Marrakech.

In 2012 he opened Galleria 24 tavern-restaurant in Dolo, his native town, where his concept was finger food like tapas, cicchetti…

In 2019 Nómada bistrot, is born reinventing an original format where it is possible to taste the iconic dishes of his culinary journey in an urban jungle where the graphics tell his story with Nómada-spice food trade.

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Via garibaldi 24, Dolo Venezia. tel.349 5458958
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