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The Nómada-spice food trade products are a result of Thomas’s longstanding experience at the Galleria 24 osteria-ristorante. They are fresh and genuine condiments, essential to giving an original and exotic touch to your dishes and ready to use however you please. Accompany them with cheeses, cured meats, vegetables, meat and fish…contaminate your kitchen with enticing aromas.
Alex B.
Apart from being excellent in flavour and taste, for starters or to use as condiments, what makes them unique is their ability to make you travel you of being at the table via a mix of ingredients used that remind you of various culinary traditions of our Mediterranean! Every jar is a new passage to discover.
Gloria F.
The Nómada chutney at our house is a must for dinners with friends.
Alessandra M.
They are products that give a soul to the flavour. Thanks to this splendid quality, creating original and appetizing dishes become extremely easy.
When I open the Nómada Parmigiana it takes me back to Sunday family feasts, flavour and taste are enclosed in this jar, now almost a must. It reminds me a little o my Salento.
Franca C.
Style tate and color all rolled into one product…born in Italy but a DNA from afar.
Barbara Z.
Nómada, excellent products and unique in their type…a dance of colours and flavours…between culture, art and touch of magic.
Luca B.
A journey of flavour and elegance with us.
Carmen S.
I can’t live without having them always at home, it often happens that relatives arrive I always have a fabulous aperitif ready.
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